Don’t let “adulting” ruin your friendships

I left my best mate an inbox. I wanted to just check in and see how life was treating him. 
We hadn’t spoken in the longest time we’ve ever not spoken so I wanted to let him know I was still his mate. 
We spent our entire childhood together just hanging out. I’d love to hang out again. Just sit around and chill out like we used to. We would get so bored and just find things to ruin. Our parents hated us šŸ˜‚. I haven’t been bored in about a decade. I miss those days. 

My bucks day 2011

Things have moved pretty quickly over the last few years. I’m hanging out with little ones of my own now. They’re pretty demanding. That’s probably why I don’t have much time to do the things we used to do anymore. 
I spent way too much time rejecting his invites early on. It’s not that I didn’t want to go out. I was just so caught up in my own life that by the time I had spare time all I wanted to do was sit at home and do nothing. Eventually he just stopped inviting me. That’s fair. I should have made the time. I was a shitty mate. 
One thing lead to another and we eventually just stopped communicating. I never thought that would happen. 
I haven’t forgotten our childhood. I haven’t forgotten all those years of just being us. I’m still the same person. Take away the adult job, the responsibility, the family and this blogging stuff … still just plain ole me. 
We’ve been friends for longer than I’ve had my family. He’s still just as much my family as the rest of them. He’s got a new circle of friends now. I’ll admit I feel a bit left out when I see what they get up to. It’s my own fault though. That’s what happens when your mates stop talking to you. You have no choice.

He replied to my message. 

We spoke for hours. There’s so much going on in his life and I had no idea. I guess I’ve been so caught up with what I’m doing that I forgot to check in. There’s no excuse. I’ve been a shitty mate.

Once we got through the new stuff it was like we had never stopped talking. It was still as easy as ever. We haven’t changed. We’re still mates.

Check in with your mates. Family, work, money…. it’s not an excuse. Don’t let them feel like you’ve forgotten them. Book that coffee date. Buy that ticket. 
Change your schedule. 
Just don’t let life get in the way again


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