It’s 2017 and that’s just what relationships are nowadays

Every time I post there’s always a few snide remarks from women having a dig at Sarah. I know I should ignore it but it’s starting to really grind me.

I don’t post to play he said she said and suggest one of us is in the wrong. I post because we’re still learning and other couples out there are probably going through similar shit. I want them to know it’s completely normal. 

For all those judgemental morons calling my wife precious and demanding; I just want to say this: 

A woman who expects her partner to contribute equally isn’t a princess. She’s not a feminist warrior. She’s not a bitch and she’s certainly not lazy. She just has standards and self respect. 

The waterfall we were supposed to visit on our wedding day

We don’t care if you dote on your husband hand and foot. I couldn’t care less if he “works 12 hour days”. We all fucking work long days. My wife works 12 hour shifts too. She’s still a fucking mum!

There are literally single mothers out there working full time, studying and still managing to raise kids. Do you think they give a fuck that you crack your husbands beer because he’s “had a hard day providing”. It’s not a game of roles anymore. It’s a game of adults in 2017 doing whatever the fuck they have to do to make their family’s future better. 

If you want your kids growing up thinking that being a dad means going to work whilst mum picks up everything else; well that’s your problem. People don’t want to read how great you think you are. There are no medals given for the best online relationship here. We’re all just normal people who have normal lives and normal issues. If a little niggle here and there is the worst thing happening in our house well I’m a happy man!

I fell in love with my wife because she’s strong and independent. We’re together because we actually enjoy raising a family with one another. We’ve been together since we were 18. This is how we grew up. We expect each other to do their fair share of everything and we treat each other with respect. When she calls me on shit it’s not because she’s a bitch. It’s because i would do the same to her. We both push each other to become better. Call it whatever you like but it seems pretty fucking constructive to me. 

The day I mistreat her or take our family for granted is the day I would be out on my ass. 
That strength is one of her best qualities. I don’t want a lady who just shuts up and does whatever I need. What kind of partnership is that? 

She has her own career to worry about. It’s not her job to look after me. I’m not a fucking child.

We’re a team and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. 


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