Brad Kearns (DaDMuM) is a 29yo husband to Sarah and father to Knox and Finn from the Central Coast of NSW.

Brad, Knox, Finn & Sarah Kearns

Brad comes from a large family, he has 7 siblings in total. From K-12 Brad went to 16 different public schools, having to make new friends almost seasonally. He credits his upbringing for his ability to communicate with strangers and make new friends.

Brad is vey ambitious and an avid goal setter. He became a Police Officer at a young age and took an opportunity to move to the Royal Military College. However; only wanting stability for his growing family, Brad decided to combine his passion for fitness and leadership experience and transitioned back into the private world. He now works in a HR function for a large Not For Profit organisation whilst managing his Social Media and Blog as a hobby writer.

Brad and Sarah were teenage sweethearts. They were married at 21 and by 23; they had experienced loss in the shape of their first baby ‘Buddy’. The strength and will to move forward Sarah showed only made him fall more deeply in love with her. After 18 months of trying for another, they were blessed with their first boy Knox (3yo) and have now become four through Finn (1yo).

Although remaining quite private about their day to day life; Brad typically blogs a mans role in the modern day relationship. His thoughts are often met with thousands of comments and, likes and shares in Facebook as he strikes a chord with many of his followers.

Media outlets who have featured Brads articles

“I fell into this space and began writing out of pure demand. People wanted me to write. They would message me asking me to “please never stop writing”. Becoming a blogger was never on my ‘to do list’ but I’ve found a way to communicate with people and I actually really enjoy it. Those moments where I stop and think about my own life and  our relationship are often the moments when I learn the most about us.

There are so many people out there who are just like Sarah and I. They think the same, fight the same and they love the same. It’s great to know we’re not alone and I think that’s why people follow blogs like mine. Sometimes I read the comments and I feel like I’ve just connected with a reader. It’s a great feeling.

I want to use this platform I’ve been given to write something that creates meaning for people.