She just went to bed. I told her I’d follow her up.

So I pick myself up off the white lounge suite she always wanted. It’s covered in mink blankets to keep it safe (wife logic). I grab my blue dinner plate from her nice set and put in in the washer. I pass today’s washing basket she’s obviously been catching up on for hours since I let the weekend slip.

I pass the pantry which is full from when she did the groceries. We have a nice rack for the spices. Beautiful wooden blocks for the sharpest knives. Tins for her everything. In the living room her favourite Hamptons style furniture with some of the coolest cane you ever did see. I didn’t pick any of it. I didn’t even care.

She picked it all.

I had spent 8 years begrudging her the things she wanted kept saying “when you’re in your own home you can have whatever you want”.

Remember who the glue is DaDMum Blog PostWell now the tins, the baskets, the towels, the linen, the appliances, the cold water and ice cubes, the vacuum, the kids stuff, the cushions… the absolutely everything.

It’s all her.

She will always do more than you. No matter how hard you try. She’s the glue that keeps you all together.

The four walls are just where you happen to live. She’s the one that makes it your home. Don’t ever forget it.