5 years ago yesterday, I got a call from my doctor telling me my liver was failing. I had been sick since Finns birth, in and out of hospital. Knox was 2.5yrs and Finny only 6 weeks old.

Brad raced home from work and I was admitted into hospital. He hadn’t spent any time with the two kids alone yet, I was obviously on Mat leave and always around, he was the full time working parent. For the next couple of weeks, he did it alone, with some help from Nanna.

The second morning he posted a post to facebook, with his thoughts about being me, being “mum”, aka the home parent, the parent who doesn’t go to work each day. It went viral and we began blogging on Facebook.

When Teddy was born, i came over to Instagram and 6000 FB followers came over with me. I can’t believe how my platform has grown in 2 years.

I’d love to know, how long have you been here? Are you a OG from FB? Do you follow @dadmumofficial too? Brad and I only share 55% of our IG audiences which I think is really funny!

Either way, thanks for being here and supporting our family. It’s been a pleasure.