After a long night bed hopping between three kids, Brad ended up in our eldest son’s bed. His mattress had seen better days, and now he’s getting heavier and older (he’s 7), Brad mentioned it needed to be replaced.

We ordered the Emma Sleep mattress, and before we knew it, it arrived. A long rectangular box was delivered, and I realised its one of these new mattresses in a box!

Unboxing the Emma Sleep Mattress

Living in a two story home, with all the bedrooms upstairs, we are no strangers to battling with furniture to get it up the stairs. This seemed like cheating! Brad literally just carried the box upstairs.. ahhh, that was easy!

Ok, now what? I opened one end, the mattress slipped out all rolled up in plastic. I laid the rolled up mattress on the bed frame, cut it open and we watched as it came to life! There laid a perfect double mattress, that you would never have suspected to have been rolled up.

Within a couple of minutes, it was big, firm and free of any creases or marks that it had when it rolled out! The boys gave it a quick jump test, a lay down test, and that was it!

Sleep Test Approved!

There is a lot going on inside the Emma Original mattress which ensures your best night sleep yet. It has 3 layers of memory foam with a state of the art system which regulates body temperature. The foam has 7 zone supports to adapt to all body types, and has zero motion transfer to ensure your bed mate’s tossing and turning won’t interrupt your sleep!

Did I mention, the top cover of the mattress is machine washable! Easy to clean in case of accidents.

First time buying a mattress online?

I initially was concerned that I couldn’t feel and touch the mattress before ordering it for my son, but Emma Sleep backs their mattress so much that they offer a risk-free trial of 100 nights whereby if you don’t think it is the right mattress for you – they will come back and pick up the mattress for FREE and offer you a full refund! They also offer a 10 year warranty.


By using the code TEAMDADMUM you will get an extra 5% off the entire Emma Sleep range at https://bit.ly/EmmaxTDM

- This offer is valid for the rest of 2021.