Being a big brother can be really unfair.

It is super fun to have your bestie live with you, to gang up on your parents with you, to invent silly games to play and to hide under the table to eat all the chocolate eggs with you.

But it can be really unfair when you are expected to behave and set a example. When you have to wait for both of your brothers to be helped before mum can help you. When you have to spend the car trip replacing dummies and holding the hand of your tired baby brother to stop the crying even though you're tired too. When mum is feeding your baby brother and sitting next to the middle brother at bedtime and you have to just wave goodnight through the door and lay in bed waiting for her quietly, only to fall asleep before she finally makes it in there to kiss you goodnight.

To be expected to have grown up, almost overnight, when the baby arrives, and busy parents all of a sudden have to split their time amongst you both. Then as you get used to that, there’s another baby and your one-on-one time gets split into thirds.

It can be really unfair being the big brother. But this big brother has the biggest heart of any child I know; full of compassion, kindness and empathy and in all the chaos and rush, I have never regretted making him a big brother.

Teddy finally is taking expressed milk in a bottle! So I quickly booked in Mummy and Knoxy time. We were well overdue. I got to listen to him uninterrupted and played silly games in the car without worrying about waking a baby.

It doesn’t happen enough so I really treasured our morning and tucked in a happy little boy tonight.

Sarah Kearns Being a Big Brother can be really unfair DaDMum Blog Post