As with most families, I’m sure, my beautiful wife Sarah and I seem to be in an endless battle between keeping the children occupied in a healthy way (no screens), whilst also being able to give ourselves time to stay sane. That’s why when Vuly Play, Australia’s most trusted manufacturer of outdoor play equipment, gave us an opportunity to try out their Ultra Large Trampoline (with ladder), we literally jumped at the chance!

When I was growing up, trampolines were a staple in backyards. All the kids on the street (along with my 7 siblings) used to get together and bounce around for hours. As much as I hate to admit I though, that was a long time ago. Technology has certainly advanced in nearly every way, so have trampolines improved too? Will kids today still find bouncing around as fun as I used to?

Will kids still find trampolines fun?

The short answer is yes – 100% yes. In my opinion, jumping up and down on a trampoline is like taking your kids to a playground at a park. Despite the technical age we live in, kids simply love it. There is nothing better than being in the great outdoors when you’re a kid.

My two older boys spent hours jumping up and down, practicing tricks and their own style of ‘aerobatics’, whilst inventing new games to play. Hell, I’ll admit it, I spent hours jumping up and down too. It wasn’t just about reliving my childhood, it was just fun!

More than that though, Vuly's Ultra Large Trampoline provided family fun in our backyard, which was bloody convenient. It also meant that I could step away and finish the odd chore while the boys entertained themselves. As I’m sure any parent would agree, getting time back in your day while the kids entertain themselves is a massive tick!

Brad Kearns Vuly Play Trampoline Giveaway DaDMum Blog Post

Are trampolines safe?

The safety of my kids is always a top priority. As such, I did evaluate the safety of a trampoline, especially when considering the relatively young age of my children. I remember trampolines being fairly hazardous, made with painful exposed springs and haphazard metal poles. Well, the game has certainly changed.

Vuly Trampoline’s are jam–packed full of safety features that protect even the youngest family members. For example, the Vuly has designed the Ultra Large Trampoline with the springs safely enclosed outside of the trampoline – to prevent injury. In addition, there is a ‘no gap’ safety net all around the outside of the trampoline, that makes sure no kid can mistakenly bounce outside the net. The safety net also self-closes every time a kid goes in or out of the trampoline enclosure, without the need for Velcro or annoying zips.

Importantly for me, the Ultra Large Trampoline has the world’s best weight rating. It boasts a true weight capacity of up to 150kgs, meaning that I can get on-board too!

Lastly, we tested out the model that comes with an additional ladder, and I would definitely recommend it. The ladder made getting in and out of the trampoline that much easier for our kids. It’s quite high so Finn would not have been able to get on by himself without the ladder.

Overall, the Vuly Ultra Large Trampoline is chalk and cheese with the retro model I grew up with. Vuly says that they take safety seriously, and having spent some time on one of their trampolines, I agree!

Will the Vuly Ultra Large Trampoline stand the test of time?

Let’s be honest, Australia can have some bad weather which damages anything not built to last. Also, my kids seem to break things. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but things somehow seem to break when the boys are around.

As such, manufacturing quality is important to me. Vuly claims that the Ultra Large Trampoline is designed and manufactured to withstand harsh Australian weather and rigorous use, but how do you really know?

Well, to start off with, Vuly guarantees that each trampoline is free of manufacturing faults or defects for up to 5 years.That seems like they're putting some skin behind the claim to me. Vuly is also very open about their testing methods, which is a very good sign. For example, the Ultra Large Trampoline has been tested for its resistance to UV rays for 500 hours in a UV ray accelerator, had 40,000 test bounces, and had its springs recoiled 100,000 times to make sure they last. That seems fairly extensive to me, and I’d be very happy if my kids got to 40,000 bounces!

The Vuly Ultra Large Trampoline was a massive hit with everyone in my family, providing hours of outdoor safe family fun. Head to Vuly Play to check out the Ultra.

Brad Kearns Vuly Play Trampoline Giveaway DaDMum Blog Post