Anyone else feeling like restrictions are becoming an Olympic sport?

Just a reminder, there is is no gold medal at the end, no trophy for who had it the hardest. We may all be under the same restrictions, but we are not truly ‘all in this together’. Our individual circumstances and challenges are so incredibly different.

Some of us are working and home schooling, some of us have lost our jobs and ability to earn income; some of us are living in a domestic violence situation, some of us are completely alone with no partner or children to lockdown with; some of us aren’t able to see our family who live a short distance away, some of us are not under restrictions but aren’t able to see their family due to interstate/ country restrictions; some of us are battling or supporting others through chronic illness during a pandemic and withdrawing from the world, some of us are mentally struggling and need to utilise the small amounts of respite (like daycare) available; some of us believe that the restrictions are unnecessary, some believe they are not strong enough; some are struggling to stay home, others would love to be able to just stay home but cant (essential workers).

Empathy is the ability to be understanding of another’s feelings, opinions and experiences, even when they may not be the same as yours.

It is not undermining or undervaluing the experiences of another, with unhelpful phrases such as “well, such and such has it harder”, “try doing this or that”, “you don’t even have to home school”, “at least you have a job”.

“That sounds really hard”, “Can I do something to help take some of the load”, “I am here for you”, “Vent away, I’m here for you”.. in a world of uncertainty and fear, empathy and kindness is always the way through.

We have lost so much, let's not lose our compassion for others.

Here is a smile to brighten your day ❤️