We’ve entered a phase where our online profile is also becoming our family business. It’s really fucking hard.

It’s hard because we honestly try our best on here. We’re what you see is what you get kinda people.

But some people lately have really gone to an effort to point out flaws or comment rude things or basically just be negative and mean in general.

Yesterday we got called moochers for fuck sake. And at that point I’d just like to remind you all that nobody started out worse off than I did. I came from the kind of childhood that suggests success isn’t on my cards. I went to 16 public schools. I was the victim of child abuse from a man who went on to murder a child. I studied everything I had to so I could change my cards and then when I didn’t need it most; my family moved once again and I was forced to substitute higher studies for subjects that meant I couldn’t go to university. So I went to TAFE during high school just to get enough credits.

I sold gym memberships to support Sarah while she went to college and I built fences and dug holes to get back on my feet after a career change.

I now have a fantastic white collar career and you see me doing some of the fucking coolest shit ever on the internet. We are fine. Our boys live an amazing life and I want that for them.

But I swear to fucking god the next person that tries to suggest my family or I have a silver spoon in our mouths and don’t understand the real world... well sweetheart that’s a reflection of you and your ignorance.

Because we’re just doing our thing and trying to create our own life. And I’m really proud of us, our community and the people we have surrounded ourselves with.

Feel free to unfollow. Coz I’ll call you on that shit.

To everyone else; we are always so humbled to have your love and support. Thank you for everything you do for us!