The balloon popped and blue confetti came out. The boys cheered and I sobbed. Not because I wasn't overjoyed with the new life about to join our family, but because Gender Disappointment can be very real, to even the most grateful of mothers.

Brad held me tight and told me I make the best boys in the whole world. He took me shopping the very next day and we bought all the cute things. We had such a fun day.

He was born 6 months later, and immediately I knew. Our little bear was exactly what our family needed. Pure joy. Our 4th beautiful boy.

Gender disappointment is a thing. It’s hard to rationalise in your own mind, so please don’t judge anyone who feels it - whether you had it, can understand it, or not.

Don’t ask a mama of boys if she will try for a girl. Don’t tell a pregnant mum of girls that hopefully there’s a boy in there for daddy. A simple, “Congratulations, how wonderful!” is all you need to say...