Yesterday we were driving on a known black spot road. Single lane either way and cars travelling between 80-100kph.

We’d just dropped the kids at nans and we’re going to celebrate a couples engagement when a car came from the other side of the road and collided into a car infront of us. It was a direct impact and you have that sinking feeling. Both cars spun out of control and it kept coming towards us; hitting the car directly in front of us and spinning more. Sarah looked up at this point and realised the carnage unfolding infront of us and grabbed me. Somehow we managed to swerve and miss it and it kept going hitting the two vehicles directly behind us as I watched in my rear vision mirror.

So out of 5 cars travelling in the same direction; we were number 3 and managed to come out without even a scratch whilst all of the others were totalled.

Road closed. Trapped persons. Helicopter and rescue. And we drove away like it never happened. Lucky is an understatement.

I’m telling you. Something was watching over us yesterday. Because that shouldn’t happen.

Then we took this photo.