He looks so little tucked up on my lap.

He is three years old. We rant and we laugh about the difficulties of parenting a three year old but when you break it down to its purest form, he has only been on this earth for three short years.

How high our expectations are of these little people sometimes! Never allowed to have a cranky day, always be polite, always share with others (even those they don’t know) and always eat good foods picked out for them. What huge expectations for such a little person.

At almost 30 years old, I have cranky days. Days where I’m not very agreeable and in a bad mood. I find comfort in sweets and don’t want to share my things with others.

It’s our expectations that need to shift and our responses to these tricky behaviours which will shape our children in days to come. Responding to their behaviours with the behaviours we wish them to use.

Patience when feeling in demand, gentle words when feeling frustrated and conscious gratitude for the little moments in life that could so easily pass me by.

Cause as exhausting as it can be, what an honour it is to be this little boys whole world.

Sarah Kearns Mindful Parenting DaDMum Blog Post