It’s hard work, right?!

We marry for love; we marry our most favourite person. The person who gives us excitement and comfort. Adventures with the security of familiarity.⁣

But after the party is over and our guests go home, it’s just two people finding their way together in this world.

Time goes on; kids, mortgages and car loans. The butterflies when he walks in the door after work are quickly replaced with repeated 6pm ragey calls and texts “where the hell are you?”, “you better be in the car” and eventually “bring chocolate!”.⁣

We place so many contrasting expectations on each other; be my soul mate, lover, best friend and coparent.

Make me laugh but be responsible and pay the insurance on time. Be exciting and spontaneous but be on time for school pickup. Be my confidant with no secrets but keep me guessing. Be familiar but mysterious.

Our generation wants more outta life. More from our partners and more from ourselves.

We are happily married. We disagree, we argue and we do and say things that we regret. But we respect each other, we have the same priorities and goals in life and we laugh. Constantly. At life, at our own expense and at the others expense.⁣

Laughing together is the key to bridging the two contradictions together.

Sarah Kearns Modern Day Marriage DaDMum Blog Post