Isn’t it remarkable how a mother’s touch can soothe a child? Who else has had a screaming baby in the car, and a simple hand on their cheek stops the tears and fear?

Finn woke last night unwell, came into my room. He was crying and I felt his heart slow down as I held him tight. He fell asleep with my hand on his cheek.

Not long after, Teddy woke up with a jolt and was crying a big cry; that kind of cry that hurts your heart as their parent. I scooped him up and he nestled into me, the crying immediately stopped and I saw his breathing calm.

I’m not going to lie, I often wish that they slept though the night. I’ve spent almost 8 years waking to a child. I see the ways others look when I say that Teddy doesn’t sleep right through at the age of 2.5yrs; but the very idea that this little face is capable of manipulation at night time is incredible to me.

I will always respond to my babies throughout the night, knowing that I am their calm and comfort in an overwhelming world. Im often asked how I stay calm, when so tired and over it. The trick is to change the narrative in your mind- “I get to be their calm when they feel alone” instead of “ i have to resettle them”.

None of my boys have slept through before 3yrs old. I struggled so much with baby Knox and baby Finn. But working on my internal narrative helps me cope better this time around.

What a privilege it is to watch them grow, to be the one they call for.

How powerful love is.