I’m asked constantly for my top tips for starting Kindergarten/ Prep. I’m still walking around like a headless chicken most days and was definitely the hot mess mum this morning.. but here are some little things Ive learnt in my 2 years of being a big school Mum.
* ⁣embrace the canteen for days when odds are just not in your favour⁣

*Velcro shoes for the win. For both easier mornings and to avoid them having to ask for help through the day.

*practice what they are going to order from the canteen before school. Can be very overwhelming. They will tell you when they are ready to tackle the canteen- hint- it may be much sooner than you expect!

*half open the tricky muesli bar etc wrappers before putting in their lunch box! 

*pop a spare hat in the side of their school bag, so if they lose theirs- they have a back up. 

*find a fellow school mum that you can laugh, cry and text “what uniform is it today?” 

⁣*if you have the time, volunteer at the school- really helps to get your head around how things run⁣

*drawing matching tattoos on your hand and your child’s hand can really help ease anxiety. Fill your child’s with kisses so they can grab one whenever they need⁣

*join the kiss & drop train ASAP. Particularly those of you with younger children. Bloody brilliant to not have to get them out twice a day!⁣

*dont overcommit or overbook your afternoons with activities. It’s a huge year and it may take them a little while to adjust. They will be tired and most of the time you still need to tackle homework too! Knox likes to sit in silence or eat the whole car ride home and process the day then he comes to life again at home and will happily answer questions etc. ⁣Pack a snack for the car ride. 

*speak highly of your child’s teacher to him/ her. You can help your child like and respect their teacher with your words. ⁣

*Cap homework at 20 minutes. If it’s not completed by then, pack it up for another day. Don’t let it become a negative thing in your child’s limited home time (unless of course your child likes to do it!)

Starting school is such a big step, but before long you will both find your way and it becomes a lot easier! Hang in there!