After being involved in a traumatic event, you aren’t the same person you went in as. You emerge with a strong lesson and a reignited gratitude.

My lessons after being involved in a 6 car crash, only saved by Brad's brilliant driving and sheer dumb luck:

  • Never ever take your eyes off the windscreen - not for your phone, to change the radio, to find a lost toy on the back floor, nothing. It only takes a split second and it’s just not worth it.

  • Don’t sit so close to other drivers. It won’t get you there any faster and you may need that second or two when reacting to save your life. Brad managed to dodge 3 hit cars and one spinning out of control because he doesn’t sit as close as I often do.

  • To be consciously grateful for these boys, and the family we have. They could have lost us both in a split second. As the cars hurdled towards us, I grabbed onto the love of my life and I thought of our babies. "Please, not both of us”, I begged.

  • Life isn’t guaranteed - love those in your circle with all that you have, every single day.

We drove away, unharmed and thanking our lucky stars. We made it to our friends engagement which turned into a surprise wedding and we celebrated love.

Sitting and reflecting, taking a moment to process it all, and practicing a conscious gratitude.

Buddy was watching over us yesterday.

I hope the people airlifted to hospital make a full and fast recovery 💜